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About us

▲Pyramid Games is a game development studio founded in 2012. Our main office is located in Lublin, Poland. We are gamers and we love making games. Our goal is to deliver the best possible quality in our games. We're also very passionate about Science and Science-Fiction! Our upcoming games focus around topic of exploring the unknown and gathering knowledge for mankind. Our studio will take gamers to Mars and back, teach them how to become NASA engineers or show the interesting work of paleontologist.


PC / Steam games
Mobile games (Android i iOS)
Web games (HTML5 / Flash)
Games for advertising and promotion
Educational games for the non-profit and public sectors


The pyramids are fascinating buildings.
Their enormous dimensions inspire and their perfect geometry is worth admiring.
Scientists are still wondering how it was possible to build those amazing monuments.
We want our games to be like pyramids - solid constructions worth admiring.
We want our company, like the pyramids, to exist for thousands of years.





Visual Studio

Substance Painter


Our history

2010Our beginnings are tied to KNI KUL University Computer Science Club where we worked on our games, combining hobby with science. In January 2010, after winning the businessplan competition, we've joined "Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship" established within UMCS University in Lublin.
2011While working in the Incubators we were creating games in C++ using OpenGL library and Ogre3D Engine. We received more and more orders from clients and we kept growing our team. During that time we also started to migrate towards programming in C# using Unity3D Engine.
2012In July 2012 we've established headquarters inside the Lublin Science and Technology Park where we kept working on even more ambitious projects.
2013In 2013 we started cooperation with Entrepreneurship Incubator of Lublin University of Technology and with Lublin City Council working on ambitious project of an online game and education platform "Creatively into Entrepreneurship".
2015In 2015 our team moved to a bigger, separate office near Morwowa Street in Lublin where we focussed mainly on creating mobile games.
2017In 2017 our company was transformed into Pyramid Games Sp. z o.o. (Ltd) and a cooperation with publisher - PlayWay S.A. was signed.
2018In 2018 we've moved to a bigger office in the city center and focused our activities on creating high quality games and assets for PC / Steam games.
2019Transformation into a joint-stock company.
2020Debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange NewConnect.

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