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The Cable System is our own proprietary, unique, configurable technology which allows to create unlimited cables of many different sizes and shapes in video games. It supports textures, connectable plugs with sockets and is optimized for Unity Realtime Physics.


The Mechanic Framework is our own proprietary technology which allows for quick production of advanced games from ``Mechanic Simulator`` genre. We are capable of creating any game (for entertainment or education purposes) which will allow players to learn, in a fun way, the details of even the most complicated vehicles and devices. The system supports hierarchical structure of objects together with good optimization techniques allowing for detailed presentation of even the tiniest details.

Open CoOp

OpenCoOp system for creating and adding online cooperative mode to singleplayer simulator type games based on Unity 3D Engine. It's an R&D Project supported by Polish National Centre for R&D.
OpenCoOp will be a complex system which will allow for faster and more cost-effective creation of multiplayer games.

Next Gen Tires - Wheel Effects Pack

Realistic Off-Road Mud / Snow / Flat Tires now available for your projects! Package includes:
- Shader with parameters for Tires to dynamically set flat-tire, mud, snow or wetness coverage
- Shader with parameters for wheel Rims and Brakes: 3 colors and mudness.
- 10 unique, realistic Tire versions
- 3 configurable Brake disc and brake caliper models
- 5 configurable wheel Rims
- Documentation
Compatibile with URP, HDRP, BIRP and Amplify Shader Editor.


See also examples of our works & technologies.

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