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Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter - high quality models and textures of ships, the deck and destroyer's interior for the game Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter for Iron Wolf Studio. Our studio also participated in modeling the characters of sailors and in the production of the gameplay trailer.


Modular Alien Base Pack is a high quality PBR level-design asset pack which allows you to create a unique Alien Base / Space Station levels for your FPS game. The pack consists of many high quality prefabs including different types of corridors, intersections and dead ends allowing you to create a beautiful seamless Sci-Fi interior. Coming soon on Unity Asset Store.


NPC BOSS LEVIATHAN is a very detailed PBR character to be used in video games. A huge flying creature with long tentacles and a lot of eyes, levitating in the air. The boss has a massive, slightly elongated and curved body that smoothly turns into an ugly head with animated mouth. On the entire surface of the head there are several pairs of eyelids that can be closed and opened. The Boss has long tentacles which the monster can hide, or grab items using them. The monster will be offered in a pack with 2 versions (healthy and ill).


The Cable System is our own proprietary, unique, configurable technology which allows to create unlimited cables of many different sizes and shapes in video games. It supports textures, connectable plugs with sockets and is optimized for Unity Realtime Physics.


The Mechanic Framework is our own proprietary technology which allows for quick production of advanced games from ``Mechanic Simulator`` genre. We are capable of creating any game (for entertainment or education purposes) which will allow players to learn, in a fun way, the details of even the most complicated vehicles and devices. The system supports hierarchical structure of objects together with good optimization techniques allowing for detailed presentation of even the tiniest details.


You can hire us for work in all aspects of the development cycle starting with preproduction or concept phase of a project, through development to release an publishing. We keep close communication with our clients, and we focus on details to ensure precise execution of any specifications. We provide diverse services:

  • Third party cross-platform game development for PC or mobile platforms
  • High quality 2D and 3D graphics
  • We spacialize in Unity 3D Engine
  • Full scale game production
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