Occupy Mars

We live in the future!

Occupy Mars is a highly technical, open world, SF sandbox game about Mars colonization. Build and upgrade your base, discover new amazing regions, conduct mining operations, retrieve water and generate oxygen, grow crops, fix broken parts, learn how to survive on Mars!




Experience comic book style adventure with Aliencat in a world taken over by a global totalitarian system. Find a way through dangerous situations, complete a crew, find and prepare a ship and escape into cosmos – an infinite space where everything is possible. Unlock the secrets of The Waves of Distortion.


RMX Real Motocross

Became a Motocross champion!

Prepare for an amazing gaming experience in the most realistic Motocross game on Android! Race with AI or online with your friends! Collect achievements and cups! Fix your bike and upgrade parts to better ones to win on increasingly difficult tracks! RMX is so addictive you won't be able to stop playing!


Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator

A feast for motorcycle enthusiasts!

Thanks to this mobile game you will become an expert on motorcycle repair. You can: buy, sell, auction, collect, fix, improve, upgrade motorcycles. After your bike is fixed you can get it out of garage and take a ride! Don't forget to upgrade your garage! Gain experience and became the best motorcycle mechanic in town!


Kreatywnie w Przedsiębiorczość

An educational game used to teach Entrepreneurship in secondary schools.

Innovative, complex HTML5 game which teaches students how to create and run their own companies. Students earn virtual money by fulfilling their clients' orders while also learning maths, physics, biology and chemistry.



Become the master of skateboarding!

Create your skater. Learn new tricks. Unlock skateparks, boards nad clothes. Complete all tracks and win prizes! Soon on & .


Z-TOWN: Zombie Challenge

Fight your way through the streets in a city conquered by zombies!

Defeat incoming zombie waves! Explore the city in 4 different game modes. Find items hidden in boxes, gather gold and buy new weapons and equipment. Collect achievements and beat the high scores of best players! Remember, every zombie type acts differently!



Don't let the zombies get to the other side of the road!

Tap on the street lanes to release next car from the list. Each car has different strength and speed so make sure you choose wisely! Predict moves of the undead and send cars to crash them! Keep zombies away from the fence as long as you can! Collect gold and buy better and unusual cars Gain new achievements and compare your score with others players!


Power Fruits

Extraordinary properties of ordinary fruit

A series of logic and arcade games created for Android & iOS created during an informational and promotional campaign organised by the Association of Polish Fruit Growers in cooperation with Imaginalis Games. More information about the project: power-fruits.eu NEXT GAME

Hidden Objects

Find hidden items!

Together with Imaginalis Games we've created a series of multiple games in the "Hidden Object Puzzle Game" genre. The games were created in: HTML5 and Flash technologies.