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Occupy Mars DevLog #65: Early Access now available

Occupy Mars DevLog #65: Early Access now available

Martians! The day has come!

Occupy Mars: The Game is now available for all of you to play in Early Access! See the Launch Trailer:

It’s truly indescribable how amazing it feels to finally reach this day of launch after years of hard work! This incredible journey began more than 10 years ago when we conceived the idea for this game during our time at university.

The development of the game itself started in 2017, and now we have reached the significant milestone of Early Access Launch. Our dream game has reached a point where we are thrilled to share it with you!

This is just the beginning of a much longer journey, as we have an ambitious roadmap ahead of us.

But for now, let’s focus on playing!

For those diving right into the game – please keep in mind that the following known issues in the current build v0.119.1:

  • loading abandoned bases – procedural outposts can sometimes relocate after loading the game
  • saving the game when rover is on crusher can in some cases block rover
  • ATV sometimes doesn’t spawn next to the abandoned base but further away
  • tornado/dust devils can pull the player from abandoned base and throw them away with high speed
  • repairing boards one after another can block workbench
  • soldering tool and hot-air tool can disappear from workbench
  • player can die when building rover and standing too close to the ghost
  • cables can hang in the air and block interactions
  • tutorial 6 can be blocked if player replants tree seedlings to crate before receiving instruction to do so
  • there may be gaps in the terrain at the borders of the map squares
  • There may be FPS drops while riding ATV/ROVER
  • loot may spawn under the terrain or inside walls/floors
  • player can be able to equip 2 tools at once and block interactions
  • weather effects may last after the icon on hud disappears
  • ATV crates content is not saved
  • saving game manually when there is space sign at the end of save’s name blocks saving the game
  • after longer gameplay random textures may be spawn on random models or not spawn at all

Minor or less frequent issues and edge cases:

  • the surface of frozen lake can spawn over the ground
  • there are several rare issues which can randomly block saving the game
  • ghost of rover can be built only in specific places
  • saving the game after placing ghost of workbench but before building it may be impossible
  • leaving the base while printer works freezes printer indefinitely.
  • aiming while using jackhammer&grinder can be sometimes difficult
  • upgrading jackhammer to level 3 without unlocked technology is possible but can break the game
  • player can duplicate boards on workbench but doing so can block facility.
  • boards may have full HP while having broken parts on workbench
  • saving and loading the game after upgrading tool but before taking it from workbench duplicates the tool but can break the game
  • FPP camera while driving on ATV can go inside players head on some angles
  • charging suit from battery/transformer may sometimes not work
  • tipper dislodged from trailer by meteor can be impossible to reattach
  • after loading save from campaign, there are pipes and cables in ambulatory
  • some sounds may not be properly adjusted
  • the list of backers in credits is bigger than text field can handle so it’s cut – will be fixed in an update

This is a big game and those issues are generally rare, we just wanted to make sure you know.

We are focusing on solving all of those issues as well as adding more content.

We are planning regular updates. Next one will be live tomorrow, and the next the day after tomorrow…

Before you go, here is the final “How NOT to die on Mars” video with useful tips that will come in handy on Mars!

Remember that you can press F4 during the game to post Feedback directly to us.

See you on Mars!

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