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DFH_The Prologue Launch & Live Stream!

DFH_The Prologue Launch & Live Stream!

Dear Paleontologists!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Prologue launches today: Aug 6th, 2020, at 5PM CEST!

But that’s not all! We’ll be streaming live today (Aug 6th, 5PM CEST), so join us for our live stream on one of the channels below:

Our teamwork in the field brings excellent effects! Together we’re creating a video game about dinosaurs that the world hasn’t seen before, dedicated from enthusiasts to enthusiasts! Based on the demo feedback, we’ve fixed many bugs, improved the museum workflow and added many other things in the official Prologue version.

You can find the detailed list of changes below:

New features:

  • minimap available while driving
  • bone cleaning progress bars visible during preparation
  • ability to rotate the skeleton during assembly
  • possibility to skip bone preparation
  • possibility to modify ground and add water to the exposition
  • new autosave points
  • new game cursor
  • new gameplay instructions
  • new bone cleaning stage + new tool
  • new scene: the garage & new dialogues
  • basic swimming mechanics
  • museum interior design system!
  • new transportation mechanics in the museum
  • descriptions of findings on crates
  • achievements added

Other upgrades:

  • upgraded bone cleaning steps
  • mouse look movement improved, optional smoothness
  • minimap upgrade
  • show/hide tablet with M button
  • 3 crate slots visible in car at once
  • a more detailed tablet messages and tips
  • GPR georadar scanning indicator
  • plants can be placed closer to exposition border
  • upgraded 3d models and materials
  • new “first fossil” model
  • beach scene improvements
  • improved player and car camera position
  • better visibility of the fossils in the stone
  • detailed list of dinosaurs in the museum
  • upgraded fonts
  • new loading screens
  • new game icon
  • mode sounds
  • extra fuel 😉


  • fixed player locking at exhibition
  • fixed “bouncing car”
  • fixed “Exit with bone II”
  • fixed “gate axing the car”
  • fixed “exploding rock” at the mine
  • fixed inconsistency in the knowledge tab
  • fixed holding both plaster and fossil
  • fixed invisible car parts
  • fixed autosave screenshots
  • fixed floating excavation rock
  • fixed floating trees and terrain issues
  • fixed resetting quality settings and mouse sensivity
  • fixed cleaning controller
  • fixed picking up of partially covered stones
  • fixed respawn points positions
  • fixed car rotation after respawn
  • fixed camera position while assembling the hand bones
  • fixed oversized skip
  • fixed 2×4 vs 4×4 physics
  • fixed game settings
  • fixed typos

If you enjoy playing Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Prologue and like the passion we’ve put into the game, please support us with your reviews and comments. The Prologue release is an important milestone for us, and now we are focusing on the main game.

Play the prologue and have fun!
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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