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Soyuz Constructors: More about hangar!

Soyuz Constructors: More about hangar!

Greetings, Fellow Constructors!

After a few months we’re back with a new devlog! Our team has been hard at work further polishing the mechanics, but also, slowly shaping up the environment of the game.

In Soyuz Constructors, you’ll be spending hours in the vast hangar. gathering materials and building various rocket parts according to instructions. It was essential to craft your work environment with proper care, while paying attention to details. The process required gathering as many resources and references as we possibly could, and then creating designs based on them.

Today, we’d like to show you some results of our work. 🙂

Let’s start big – here is the aforementioned hangar. It’s big enough to fit in a few big rockets, so you can work comfortably without worrying about lack of space.

Of course, as great as it would be to know everything about rocket building right off the bat, many of us have yet to learn the ropes. You’ll receive all the help you need in the form of blueprints. These detailed drawings will tell you all you need to know regarding the engines you’ll have to build.

Blueprints can be placed on a drafting table, where you can take a closer look at them.

Once you’re more or less familiar with what you need to build, it’s time to grab all the necessary components! To pick up screws, you just need to find a tiny box like this one:

Every box represents a different type of screws, so you have to make sure to pick up the right one!

That’s it for today! There is still a lot of work to be done, and we’ll most likely have even more 3D models to show you in the next devlog. We are also preparing a tutorial – it will take a while, but once we wrap up the work here, we’ll be able to show you more of the gameplay. We can’t wait to let you explore the hangar by yourself! 🚀

Make sure to add the game to your Wishlist to receive a notification as soon as new information drops in! If you’d like to discuss the game with us, join our Discord server! We’d love to hear your feedback!

Kind Regards,
Soyuz Constructors Team

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