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Farming Life: Random Quests

Farming Life: Random Quests

Greetings, Farmers! 😃

We believe we haven’t told you about Random Quests yet! 

What are these? Other than Mayor’s Competition missions, which can be picked at a specific time via Newspaper menu, Random Quests serve as an additional source of profit for you. Contrary to the former, though, they appear at random time and order. These missions are given out by various citizens, who spontaneously come to Sam asking for help. When they do, a notification appears, and a player has a choice to accept the request or refuse. It’s worth taking advantage of these quests, as they can provide you with a good amount of additional money, experience and improve your relationship with citizens.

To give you an additional insight into your status in the town’s little community, we have also included a Ranking system!

This window will appear at the end of every day and show you how much progress you’ve made compared to other local farmers. As you can see, Sam has a long way to go to reach the top but it’s definitely possible! His success is up to you! 💪

As always, we invite you to our Discord server to chat with us about Farming Life, as well as any other games we’re working on. ❤️

Stay well!
Farming Life Team

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