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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Major Prologue update goes LIVE!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Major Prologue update goes LIVE!

Exciting news, Fossil Hunters!

As it turns out, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is featured at Camp PAX Seattle 2021! 🥳 To celebrate, we’re unveiling the major Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Prologue update we have been working on alongside the full version of the game! It means that we’ve brought many of  the long awaited new features to Prologue and you can try them out today!

Here is the list of changes:

  • translations added, available languages: English, Italian, Polish, German, Chinese, Russian, Spain, French
  • redesigned tutorial system (new screens, additional descriptions, waypoints etc.)
  • redesigned UI screens (except tablet UI, WIP)
  • upgraded map functionality (selecting and navigating to specific points)
  • reworked exposure design system
  • upgraded exploration workflow (new tool)
  • upgraded excavation workflow (new steps and tools)
  • improved fossil cleaning system (added possibility to highlight uncleaned areas, smoother tool work)
  • improved vehicle camera
  • improved models look & quality
  • improved tools and tent animations
  • improved skeleton assembling system (faster bone movement, added ability to put down)
  • added drone for enviro screenshots
  • visual polish & optimisation
  • many bugs reported by players have been fixed

You can find Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Prologue here.

Have fun, explore and when you’re done, make sure to share your feedback with us! We’d like to make use of this opportunity to gather your suggestions and make Dinosaur Fossil Hunter as good as possible! Let us know what you like and what may require more attention from us. It will help us greatly during further development. 😊

We’ll be awaiting your feedback on Steam forums and our Discord server while – of course – continuously working on Dinosaur Fossil Hunter! 💪

Make sure to add it to your Wishlist so you don’t miss any announcements! With that, the only thing that’s left is to wish you all a good time with the Prologue! 

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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