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Castle Flipper: Major Update v1.1 + Free “Royal Tenants DLC”

Castle Flipper: Major Update v1.1 + Free “Royal Tenants DLC”

Greetings, fellow Craftsmen!

Our sincerest apologies for keeping you in the dark regarding the patch’s development for so long. While working on the v1.1 patch we wanted to make sure that this update adds as much content as possible.

We’re now getting ready to let all this additional content see the light of a day 🙂 A lot of new things await you in the upcoming update and we hope it’ll help you enjoy Castle Flipper anew!

Without further ado, let’s watch the new trailer, shall we? 😃

What has been added in this Major Update?

New decorative objects, roofs & castle variants

Many new objects have been added, including new roof types, new furniture and more. You can now find over 500 objects in the game! There are also more roof and castle wall variations!

Improved castle building

There is now much more variety among castle parts, giving you more artistic freedom during building! Many issues, which have been reported by players, have been addressed and so, building a castle should now go more smoothly and be much more enjoyable.

New missions

List of available missions have been expanded. Many of them will be centered around building, so you’ll have more opportunities to create buildings for your clients. Moreover, you’ll be able to revisit quests you have already finished. Do you miss Frozen Fortress? Come back there anytime! 🙂

Property value

New mechanic which allows you to purchase lands, clean them, build on them and sell them with profit! Ask your Royal Landlord about current available offers.


Some Tenants will require a garden attached to the house. To fulfill their needs, place a “Garden Cell” snapped to the building. If your client requires some object to be placed outside the building – it needs to be placed on the Garden Cell. This way he will know it’s his property. Of course you can still decorate the area around as decorations are not required by the Tenants.

New cleaning mechanics

Now cleaning comes with more benefits! When you pick up trash, it will be gathered in a crate. You can conveniently gather lots of trash at once and then gain additional resources when you put a crate in a warehouse, on a boat or on a cart.

If you want to empty your warehouse – approach the book with warehouse records and press USE. This will export the cart with the crates abroad in exchange for payment. Remember you need to wait sometime before your StoreKeeper’s horse cart comes back.

New locations

With new missions come new locations! Such as the Throne room and the City. Moreover, locations available so far have been expanded. Each location has its own history worth discovering. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring them!

Kingdom Map

After a certain mission is completed, a big map will appear on the board, from which you can see your entire Kingdom in its full 2D glory and access new missions and locations from there.

Steam Cards. Badges, Emojis, Backgrounds and new Achievements!

Some of you have already noticed new achievements waiting to be unlocked. While it’s impossible to unlock them now, they will be available once the patch goes live. Other than achievements, Steam cards have been added.

Photo mode

As announced before, you will now be able to freely take screenshots in game without the game’s UI getting in the way! You’ll be able to access it from the Tools menu. Position the camera exactly as you want it, enter Photo mode, press Print Screen and that’s it! You have a lovely screenshot of your creation. 🙂

Advanced graphics settings

You can now freely customize your graphics settings. We’ve also added volumetric clouds system which can be enabled in the settings.

Time controller

By clicking on a bed you can now select the exact time and weather you want to wake up at, along with additional confirmation screen. This feature is very useful for setting the perfect lightning conditions for screenshots!

Light saving

Lit Torches are now saved so you don’t have to re-light them every time!

Bigger Kingdom

There’s an additional area expansion available, allowing you to build even bigger castles!

Population counter

When back in your kingdom you will now see the Population counter. This way you will always know how many villagers live in your Kingdom!

Steam Cloud Save

All your saves will now be automatically synced to the cloud so you can visit your kingdom on many different devices! 🎉

And now, for the most important feature…

🏰 Royal Tenants – Free DLC

Some of you were asking about the NPCs, now we can finally say that NPCs will appear in town! And we are adding them to the base version of the game for free!

The Royal Mason

The Royal Mason works in the Quarry. He is responsible for collecting stones for the Kingdom. In exchange for his work the King provides free accommodation and cleaning services.

The Royal Lumberjack

The Royal Lumberjack works in the Woodcutter’s House. He is responsible for collecting wood for the Kingdom. In exchange for his work the King provides free accommodation and cleaning services.

The Royal Cleaner

The Royal Cleaner is an important but often disregarded worker. She keeps the Kingdom nice and clean. She cleans all rented houses in exchange for free accommodation and a small payment for her services.

The Royal Treasurer

The Royal Treasurer is responsible for collecting Rent and Taxes. His useful work saves the King a lot of time and effort, which he can spend on designing his castle instead. The Treasurer requires free accommodation and cleaning services, as well as small payment for his services.

The Royal Landlord

The Royal Landlord is responsible for managing King’s lands and real estate. He acts as a land broker, finds valuable plots of land to purchase and flip, which you can then sell with profit. In exchange for his services he requires free accommodation and cleaning services.

The Royal Storekeeper

The Royal Storekeeper is responsible for collecting various resource crates from the King’s land. He then loads the collected crates on the cart and exports them abroad in exchange for a small payment, free accommodation and cleaning services. Remember that it’s your duty to send the crates when your cart is full.

There are also other people appearing in your well-known buildings, such us:

He is responsible for exchanging goods in the marketplace.

Responsible for writing down the name of your village.

They appear in the biggest area expansion – to protect your Kingdom.

Other than new features, it goes without saying that dozens of fixes have been implemented and many various issues you have all reported have been addressed.

Full changelog v1.1 below:
  • over 130+ new decorations, fences, balconies, roofs and furniture items have been added (currently 500+ objects available)
  • castle walls, roofs & other pieces now have many different variants to decorate
  • new missions
  • new property value mechanic
  • improved castle building & snapping system
  • garden cells have been added as a separate area connected to the estate
  • reworked cleaning mechanic, item gathered by the player are collected in crates, in exchange for resources
  • new locations have been added
  • new roof types added
  • previously available locations have been expanded and improved
  • Kingdom map has been added as a way to let players revisit previously completed missions
  • Steam cards, badges, emojis, backgrounds have been added
  • 20 new achievements are now available
  • Photo Mode has been implemented
  • advanced graphics settings have been added to Settings menu
  • improved compass & moved to the right side
  • improved rental UI
  • improved widescreen support
  • time and weather can be accurately adjusted with a slider, with additional confirmation
  • lit torches are now included in save files meaning that player doesn’t have to light them again after load
  • Kingdom can now be expanded to an even bigger size (additional Area size added)
  • population counter has been added
  • Steam Cloud save is now available
  • NPC characters have been added:
    – Royal Mason,
    – Royal Lumberjack,
    – Royal Cleaner,
    – Royal Treasurer,
    – Royal Landlord,
    – Royal Storekeeper,
    – Merchant,
    – Bookkeeper,
    – Guard
  • some NPCs have certain mechanics associated with them, for example:
    – buying new plots of land to flip with Landlord’s help,
    – automatic cleaning is now possible thanks to Cleaner,
    – Treasurer gathers rents and taxes,
    – Storekeeper collects crates located around the kingdom and sells them
  • additional tutorial texts added
  • additional tutorial videos recorded
  • improved translations + additional translations added
  • replay value added
  • optimized game loading speed
  • additional loading screens added
  • fixed misplaced colliders
  • fixed occlusion glitches
  • improved repair mode
  • improved placing objects on the wall
  • added additional key bindings
  • reorganized main menu
  • optimized graphics options for better performance
  • fixed bug with jumping on ladder
  • added spawn of stains and furniture to repair in rented houses
  • fixed placing rugs on the 2nd floor
  • fixed bug with placing a wall door between the tower and the corridor on one end
  • fixed glitch with the octagonal floor foundation with four corners for walls
  • fixed multiple puzzles bugs
  • added no hole roof/floor for the castle
  • fixed long task list hiding animation
  • numerous other fixes have been made
What comes next?

Once we wrap up our work on the last feature, we’ll be getting ready for release, at last. Of course, an announcement will come a little while before this patch goes live. We hope you will enjoy this new, updated version of the game. With it, work on the console versions of the game will start. 🙂

That would be it. Thank you for your support so far and we hope all that’s coming with this patch will reward the long wait and make your Castle Flipping experience much more enjoyable!

As always, we welcome all the feedback – if you’d like to share yours, you can do so on Steam forums, our other social media or our official Discord server. If you have further questions, we’ll also answer them to the best of our abilities.

Best Regards,
Castle Flipper Team

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