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Farming Life: Patch v1.0.2 goes LIVE!

Farming Life: Patch v1.0.2 goes LIVE!

Hello, Farmers!

Patch v1.0.2 goes live today and with it, we’re introducing a couple of useful features!

“Take care of” task

Now, instead of constantly checking what your cat and dog need, you can simply assign a “Take care of” task to the worker – they will automatically handle everything to make sure your pets are well.

Destroying multiple objects at once

Choose Destroying mode and then, while holding Shift, choose multiple ojects by dragging your mouse. That way you can quickly get rid of the trees in your way, for example.

Shrinking or expanding fields

We have added a “Shrink” command that allows you to get rid of unneeded field tiles. It doesn’t matter if they’re empty or if there are crops growing there – if you want to shrink your field, just choose the command and choose the area to delete by dragging cursor while holding left mouse button.

There is more!

Take a look at the changelog below to see all changes.

– fixed problems with creating profile with corrupted HKEYS
– fixed Chinese font in main menu
– fixed issues with the tutorial
– fixed employee stuck in “Slaughterhouse”
– fixed building hedges
– fixed problems with standing employee after being fired

– added destroying multiple objects (hold “Shift” in removing mode)
– added looping task “Take care of”
– added “Employees management” window
– added shrinking gardens, crofts and fields
– added “Return to farm and unload products” interaction
– added possibility to upgrade “Wholesaler”
– added new texts in tutorial book
– added new weather effects (clouds and fog)
– interactions opens in click place, not in the middle of the object

Happy farming!
Farming Life Team

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