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ZooKeeper: Development Progress and Best Wishes

ZooKeeper: Development Progress and Best Wishes

Hello, ZooKeepers! ❄️

It’s time for the last devlog of this year! Plenty of things have changed in ZooKeeper since the last update and today we’d like to tell you all about it!

Let’s start with something we were talking about in the last devlog.

❕ Zoo selection menu – a little update

We finished adding finishing touches to the zoo zelection menu. To be specific, transition animation has been added to allow you to smoothly move from one zoo to another.

For a comparison, here is the selection menu how it appeared in the previous devlog…

…and here is the selection menu now! 😃

⭐ Have a Star!

Another thing you may recall from the last devlog is a Star rewarding system. We didn’t get to reveal much about it back then, but now we can tell you more about it! 😊

Every zoo map has 3 tasks, which reward you with Stars upon completion. ⭐⭐⭐

You can review how many Stars are available on a given map from the zoo selection menu. The map’s thumbnail will tell you how many starts you already have and how many you have yet to get.

What is the purpose of those Stars? They can be exchanged for prizes – prestigious statues you can decorate your zoo with!

Aren’t they fancy? ✨

⚙️ More options in Settings menu

These may not as exciting news as above feature, but they’re no less important!

We have included Camera sensitivity option in Settings menu, which allows you set the camera movements’ speed to your liking. We know each one of you has unique preferences and the default settings might not always work best – in the past, we also had trouble capturing what we wanted to show you at times due to camera moving too quickly and moving far away from our desired spot. We hope this setting will prove helpful for you as well. 🙂

You can also turn off chromatic aberration effect from the Settings menu if have a need for it.

📝 End the day with an Autosave!

The title says it all – instead of saving manually all the time, the game will now be saved automatically at the end of the day. That way, you won’t need to worry about your progress and can focus on looking after animals! 💪

🔨 Get rid of multiple objects at once

There are times when you need to remove multiple objects from you zoo. Getting rid of them manually one by one might work in some cases, but it might get tedious if you have created vast flower fields or tiny forests in your zoo. That’s why we have added an option to sell multiple objects at once. When you enter Selling mode by clicking the Bulldozer icon, hold the left mouse button and expand the selection to cover all of the objects you’d like to delete.

They’re gone!

🐘 A list of zoo animals for your convenience

A good list always comes in handy! We have improved the list of all your zoo animals. You can now sort them by enclosure, look them up by typing their name or give them their own individual names! 🤩

That’s all we’d like to share with you today. If ZooKeeper caught your interest, add the game to your Wishlist to stay up to date with development progress! As always, we also invite you to join our Discord channel!

Now, as an end note…

🎄 Merry Christmas!

We’d like to wish you a merry Christmas celebration! It may be different in different countries or even families, but it’s still a time of great importance we can spend with our families and closest ones! 😊 We hope you’ll be able to make the best use of it and enjoy it to the fullest. Rest up and get ready for a New Year!

We’ll be back with another devlog in 2022! 🙌

Stay well and take care,
ZooKeeper Team

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