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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Roadmap & First Update

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Roadmap & First Update

Dear Fossil Hunters!

Thank you for participating in the game launch with us, watching the stream and sharing first feedback.


Thanks to your feedback we’ve prepared a Day-1 update which is now available on the default Steam branch! You may find the changelog in yesterday’s Steam post HERE.


Since many of you were asking – what are our plans? are we going to update the game? add more content? The answer is yes and yes and below we are presenting our first Roadmap for the next few months of the development of this project:

We are now working on the next Patch which will include even more fixes and improvements. For the next patch we plan to fix freezes experienced by some people, improve controls and translations even more.

Stay tuned for more, and Happy Fossil Hunting!

Kind Regards
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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