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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Patch v1.0.11

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Patch v1.0.11

Dear Fossil Hunters!

Thank you for all the feedback so far! We are working around the clock to keep releasing fast updates.

Changelog v1.0.11

  • Fixed reported achivements
  • Added some missing translations
  • Fixed bug with double ‘Continue’ button in menu
  • Fixed knowledge state not updating after Crate delivery
  • Fixed waterpump fuel consumption
  • Fixed bugged prestige calculation of collectibles
  • Fixed disappearing dino in excavation inventory

Please let us know if this fixed your issues, meanwhile we are working on another batch of fixes.

Our plan for the next updates:

  • fix that allows you to delegate the entire process of cleaning large fossils to your employees (includes removing the plaster and extracting the fossils from the stone)
  • fixing car position after fast travel
  • save system fixes
  • translations fixes
  • other small fixes
QoL that we’re working on:
  • add possibility to send completed bone sets to museum storage after picking them up from the desk/accidentally bringing them to the museum
  • adding more statuses, tips and waypoints to help with gameplay
  • enable an elevator to make visiting the museum more comfortable
  • add possibility to skip lector dialogues
  • improve the optimization of the Dinosaur Canyon map
  • polishing details (like particle, SFX etc.)
  • gamepad controls polish
  • development tests of a new location for the next major update

Kind Regards
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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