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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Patch v1.0.13

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Patch v1.0.13

Dear Fossil Hunters!

Thank you for all the feedback so far! We are working around the clock to keep releasing fast updates.

Changelog v1.0.11


– Fixed problems with cleaning tools not working in case of re-binded keys

– Fixed random hangs during fade-to-black animation (to be verified)

– Fixed problem with loading save files (error: DataManager.CheckForBuggedDinoOnExcibitionTable)

– Fixed missing duplicated skeleton parts after autoclean assembly

Right now the new version is on public_testing steam branch.

You can try it but first make sure to backup your save files (copy whole directory C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalLowPyramidGamesDinosaur Fossil Hunter to a safe location). It will be switched to the main branch when we finish testing it.

Please let us know if this fixed your issues, meanwhile we are working on another batch of fixes.

These will be included in the next updates:

Fixes (in progress):

– fix for stones hanging in the air after scene re-load

– fix that allows you to delegate the entire process of cleaning large fossils to your employees (includes removing the plaster and extracting the fossils from the stone)

– fixing car position after fast travel

– save system fixes

– translations fixes

– other small fixes

QOL that we’re working on:

– add possibility to send completed bone sets to museum storage after picking them up from the desk/accidentally bringing them to the museum

– adding more statuses, tips and waypoints to help with gameplay

– enable an elevator to make visiting the museum more comfortable

– add possibility to skip lector dialogues

– improve the optimization of the Dinosaur Canyon map

– polishing details (like particle, SFX etc.)

– gamepad controls polish


– development tests of a new location for the next major update

Kind Regards
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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