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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Museum designs of our players

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Museum designs of our players

Hello, Fossil Hunters!

Time for us to announce the winners of Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Museum Contest!

We asked our participants to create their on special museum and share with us in the Steam Workshop. When we finally headed to the Workshop, there were hundreds of wonderful museum expositions! It took us a long time to see them all, but we didn’t want to leave out any of these creations. In fact, there were so many beautiful designs to choose from that we had trouble deciding on the winners and so, we decided to award a few more players than initially planned. 😉

So, what did we choose? Let us show you some screenshots from the best museums!

1st place

We have a winner!

Zoeythefirst’s Museum ver 1 by Zoeythefirst

2nd place

4 participants receive the 2nd place reward ex æquo!

Caught in time by Sillyway

Dinos and potatoes by wewu

Once upon a time by Alex the Wolf (ITA)

Tim’s dinosaur exhibition by BL4Ze_2k18

3rd place

5 participants receive the 3rd place reward ex æquo!

Dinotopia by Puddin’ Pie

Mating Displays by Calydor

My Museum For The Contest 2.0!!! by JBriccy

The canyon danger by Dino

The world of dinosaurs museum by Joe La Douille

4th place

While not on the podium, we loved how the simple design of this museum helped expositions shine in this one, that’s why we’ve decided to award additional keys to…

Big dino displays by Swamp_Jaws

Honorable mentions!

Even if we can’t award you all, we’d like to show appreciation for your creations, that’s why as the end note, we’d like to share screenshots from some of our other favourite expositions! The authors of these expositions will receive a key to our Rover Mechanic Simulator!

First Look Museum by Leviathan805


Hobbit’s Museum by H0bbitNerd


Hunt in forest by N_Paradise


Museum by Shurl


Protecting The Nest by DinoTamer111


The Aftermath by DR-REAPER


Thomas’ Time Vault by Zigzegg


Tim’s museum by TimTheSpermWhale


T-Rex – Dromaeo Enclosure by illude


Congratulations to the creators of these lovely museums! Your expositions took us millions of years back and made us feel as if we were among the wilderness with dinosaurs – a dream of all dinosaur enthusiasts for sure! 

We’ll contact each of the winners on Steam soon to give out promised prizes:

  • Game keys to Rover Mechanic Simulator, Tank Mechanic Simulator and Barn Finders for authors of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place entries.
  • Rover Mechanic Simulator key for the remaining aforementioned entries.

That said, we’d like to thank each and every one of our players for participating in the Contest. Please keep these dino expositions coming!

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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