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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Free Major Update 2.0 now LIVE!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Free Major Update 2.0 now LIVE!

Rejoice, Fossil Hunters!

At last, we can present to you…

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter 2.0 – Free Major Update!

In celebration of the Update’s release, we have prepared a discount for all the aspiring paleontologists:

20% off Dinosaur Fossil Hunter until August 30! If you haven’t tried the game yet and you’re wondering if it’s a game for you, read on and see what is waiting for you! 🙂


New content

Trailer gives a good overview of all the new content, but let’s skim through it all once again:

New Huge Location🗺️

Grizzly Mountains location is now available and open for exploration! And there is a lot to explore – it’s a vast area, which should meet expectations of the most advanced paleontologists. Fields, hills, rocky mountains, wetlands… this place will require all of the skills you’ve learned so far in order to uncover its secrets!

New dinosaur species and skeletons🦕

There are four new dinos waiting to be discovered and 11 new skeletons to find and assembly!! What are the new dinos? Perhaps you were able to spot them in the trailer above. If not, let us unveil this mystery!


The dinos waiting for you are…

  • Gorgosaurus libratus
  • Parasaurolophus walkeri
  • Stegoceras validum
  • Styracosaurus albertensis

Is your favourite dinosaur among these? There can never be enough dinos, so we hope these will bring you a lot of joy and you’ll be proud to showcase them in your museum!

New car 🚗

New journey requires a new car! Time to take this new pickup for its first ride!

Adventure awaits!

More museum space 🏛️

It’s vital to have enough room to showcase your finds and that’s why you have an additional museum hall at your disposal!

More small fossils to find 🐚


They’re fascinating finds! They come in all sizes and shapes, they store remains of small extinct animals, plants, they don’t take much space in your museum (meaning you can fit a lot of them in one room) and now that the Update is here, there are even more of them to collect!

New museum decorations 🌴

More dinos, more space in your museum, more small fossils… It’s only a given that you would also get more decorations to add even more diversity to your museum! We can’t wait to see which ones will be featured in your newest expositions! 🙂

Creative Museum Mode 🎍

New game mode – unleash your creativity in the Sandbox Mode! Use the decorations and dinosaurs unlocked during campaign mode to create many new unique versions of your museum!

New achievements 🥇

New achievements have been added aside from the previously fixed achievements.

…and Much More!

Aside from this, numerous new fixes have been applied to the game as well. We’ve also added some new game mechanics! One of them is picutred below. You’ll be able to mark rocks you examine with paint – red stands for an ordinary rock, which doesn’t contain anything worth noting, while the light green color marks rocks with fossils inside.


Full changelog:


  • fixed bug with counting prestige points
  • fixed issues with autosave files
  • fixed few spawn points positions
  • fixed table position at the garage
  • fixed missing/wrong colliders
  • fixed position of some bones inside stones, to make inspection easier
  • fixed issues with digging tools, which occasionally caused tools to be blocked while digging
  • fixed bug with inactive buttons after finishing prologue
  • fixed FPS drop while digging underwater with pump
  • fixed FPS drop caused by museum camera bug
  • fixed possibility to block drone delivering fuel after changing its destination place
  • fixed crates icons at minimap
  • fixed some UI issues (wrong UI elements scale, position, added missing icons etc.)
  • fixed crate falling into exposition area
  • fixed truck physics when driving through mud
  • fixed issues with stone outline
  • fixed missing/disappearing environment stones
  • fixed an issue with water not disappearing gradually when using a pump on excavation area (all of the water would disappear at once)
  • fixed issues with unresponsive drone button
  • fixed issues with collectible items at the garage (items and descriptions position)
  • fixed issue with very dense fog (improved visibility in foggy areas)
  • fixed issues with “skeleton” crate position at the museum (crate occasionally overlapping with skeleton ghost position)
  • fixed medium bones autoclean, now it’ll be available from the stage of plaster removal
  • fixed drone list order at excavation laptop
  • fixed camera movement while setting up exposition at the museum
  • fixed controls blocked after changing panels
  • fixed incorrect tools descriptions
  • fixed excavation crates rotation issues
  • fixed issue with missing crates after autosave at the first museum
  • fixed possibility of freezing the car after quick entry
  • fixed issues with achievements
  • fixed FPS drop after re-entering a large location
  • fixed possibility to send fossils to prep room during cleaning stage
  • muted car sound on scene loading
  • “prologue” skeletons and skeleton parts removed from main museum
  • added some missing translations
  • blocked possibility to save empty exposition
  • blocked possibility to open trunk while driving truck
  • blocked possibility to duplicate dinosaur skeleton at exhibition
  • blocked possibility to place wrong dinosaur description
  • blocked possibility to edit water on an exposition other than the one we are editing
  • blocked possibility to inspect rock with opened game menu
  • blocked possibility to move camera during cutscenes
  • blocked possibility to upload empty museum to Steam Workshop
  • added ability to extract stones hanging in the air


  • added Creative Museum Mode
  • added new skeletons, car, decorations, museum hall, achievements, dinosaur statues, newspapers etc.
  • added color markers after stone inspection (can be turned off in game settings)
  • added continuous operation mode, turning on/off with single click, to cleaning tools at the museum (can be turned off in game settings)
  • added drone timer in tablet menu showing how long it’ll take for a drone to deliver fossils to the museum
  • full controller support
  • Steam Deck support
  • loading time optimisation
  • materials and vegetation optimisation
  • colliders optimisation
  • dinosaur skeletons optimisation
  • overall visual polish
  • renamed autosaves to make navigation between each autosave easier
  • particles visual polish, added new particles
  • working elevators in the museum halls
  • added saving of GPR flags at the excavation area
  • added possibility to skip lector dialogues
  • added/updated some sounds
  • save files cleanup and optimisation
  • changed T. Rex skeleton at the “prologue” museum to make it more anatomically correct
  • and more!

Bug reporting

Like always, if you find an issue during your playthrough that this patch hasn’t fixed, please let us know! Steam forums work well for that – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

You can also contact us via email address [email protected] and send us your game files such as your save file and log file, which are very helpful for investigating your issues.

Both save files and log files can be found in the following directory:

C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalLowPyramidGamesDinosaur Fossil Hunter

AppData folder is hidden, which might make it difficult to access it through File Explorer. In that case, try one of these methods to locate your files:

1. Copy and paste full directory into the bar of your File Explorer.

2. Copy full directory, press Windows + R and paste this directory into the field of the box that shows up.

Once you do any of the following, you should be redirected to Dinosaur Fossil Hunter folder, where you can find:

  • Your save file – entire GameSaves folder
  • Your log file – text file named “Player” or “Player.log”

You can also zip and send us entire Dinosaur Fossil Hunter folder if you prefer – we’ll figure out the rest!

That’s it! For this update, of course. 😉 We hope this new update will bring at least a few hours worth of fun to your playtime.

Live stream


If you have some time to spare while your game is updating, we invite you to our live stream that is starting now on our Twitch & YouTube channels. Unfortunately, due to ongoing issues with Steam streaming we weren’t able to bring our stream to Steam this time around.

Watch on Twitch

Watch on YouTube

What next?

For now, we’re awaiting your feedback and further suggestions! We’ll continue improving Dinosaur Fossil Hunter for you all and for now, we’d like to learn more about your current impressions of the game, so we can take them into account while planning next updates and patches.

Other than that, there is a Designer DLC🎨 in the works and as soon as we have a release date set for it, we’ll let you know! Referring to some of the feedback we’ve received from players, we’d like to assure you that the statue model currently used in promotional materials will be changed – as with the actual game, we’ll make sure it’s more anatomically correct and closer to its real life counterpart.

Now, all that’s left is to wish you fruitful exploration! Pack your equipment, take a seat in your new car and start your adventure in Grizzly Mountains!

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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