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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Patch v2.2

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Patch v2.2

Dear Fossil Hunters!


Previously announced Patch 2.2 is here!

Take a look at the changelog below to see what’s new:

Changelog v2.2

– added 18 new museum and exposition decorations
– upgraded terrain at quarry locations
– added faster pallet truck movement (with shift button)
– added drone to sandbox museum

– fixed issue with dinosaur unable to remove from exposition
– fixed museum gates colliders
– fixed issues with controls panel unable to hide
– fixed Styracosaurus fossils inspection issue
– fixed issues with achievements:
– Eagle eye
– Show your story
– All by myself!
– filled empty space on trains
– fixed infinite loading screen in prologue after sending crates to museum
– fixed invisible collider at train station HUB no.2
– fixed terrain issues at Grizzliest East map
– sandbox museum mode fixes
– fixed blinking exposition floor
– fixed bench that could be placed anywhere
– fixed issue with picking up the default language from Steam
– fixed issue allowing overlapping displays
– fixed saving of mirror poses
– fixed bug with taking the boxes off the car after loading the game

Work in progress:
– new DLC
– fixing optimisation issues at prologue and quarry locations
– fixing achievement issues

We hope that with these changes, you’ll have even more fun during your adventures!

What else?


Designer DLC release is around the corner too – keep an eye out for it! You’ll be able to bring your favourite dinosaurs to life with life-sized dinosaur models and a great variety of painting tools!

20% discount is starting today and it’ll remain active until November 29, so if you haven’t given the game a try yet, you’ll have 2 weeks to get your inner paleontologist a treat! 🙂 You can get the game HERE.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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