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Occupy Mars DevLog #57: Release Date Announcement

Occupy Mars DevLog #57: Release Date Announcement

Greetings, fellow Martians!

We wanted to share some exciting news about our upcoming game release and what we’ve been working on lately.

As many of you may have noticed, we’ve been updating our Steam Page and other official pages with more screenshots and information. We had to temporarily change the visible release date from April to Q2 (because Steam requires a concrete day announced at least 2 weeks before the end of the month and we didn’t have that confirmed yet), but we can now happily confirm the official Early Access release date.

The game will be launching simultaneously on Steam, EPIC, and GOG platforms on May 10th, 2023!

We are in contact with the publishing teams of these platforms to ensure a smooth launch.

We have also released the Colonist FAQ thread, which answers many gameplay-related questions (beware of spoilers!). We hope it will be helpful once you get your hands on the game.

Additionally, we’ve launched the Steam page of the optional Occupy Mars: Supporter Pack DLC, which includes the soundtrack, artbook, and other artistic content that will be released with the game.

Our team is currently determining the final list of features that will be available in the Early Access release, which we’ll share in our next devlog. All the other functionalities will be subsequently enabled in the future updates. We are working hard to ensure a smooth game release, that is also why we have paused our weekly streams recently – to focus 100% on delivering the Early Access build to you.

We appreciate your patience and support as we prepare for the Early Access launch.

See you on Mars on May 10th!

Best regards,
The Occupy Mars Team

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