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Devlog #33: Jetpack and Episode 3 of TightBeam From Mars

Devlog #33: Jetpack and Episode 3 of TightBeam From Mars

Hello, Martians!

We’re not slowing down! Occupy Mars: The Game is looking better day by day! 🙂

We’d like to let you know that we have recently decided to switch our engine’s version to a higher number. The change required some adjustments, but we believe it’s worth it! With that, the game’s graphics, as well as performance should greatly improve. ✨

There is something else we’d like to dedicate this devlog to, though. Some of you may have already seen our little sneak peek in our other social media sites and probably have a general idea about what’s coming. If you don’t know – no worries, we’re getting there! 😊

We all know how essential good time management is on Mars. Time is yet another resource that is very limited. Moving by foot can be tiring, not to mention time consuming, and that’s why we’re implementing alternate and more efficient ways to move around the base.

One of them is a Jetpack! 🚀

With required materials, you can build a special kit, which you can then assemble into the proper thing.

With Jetpack, you can soar into the sky! Provided you have enough oxygen and methane to fuel it, of course. You’ll need to prepare a Well with all the necessary extensions including Sabatier upgrade and Methane tank, if you want to use your Jetpack on a daily basis. 

Make sure to tune down your excitement during landing, though! You’re risking an injury if you crash. That much remains unchanged, no matter if you’re on Mars or on Earth. 😉

You’ll be able to try it out yourselves in the upcoming Early Access version of the game. 

One more thing – today, we are also launching another Tight Beam From Mars episode, in which you will be able to learn more about Airlocks:

Stay tuned and thank you all for your support so far! ❤️


Occupy Mars Team

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