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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter 2.1 Patch

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter 2.1 Patch

Hello, Fossil Hunters!

Patch v2.1 is here!

It took us longer than expected, but we can finally let you know that Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is ready to update to version 2.1!

Over the last 2 weeks our team has been working relentlessly to get rid of various issues players have reported to us, with particular emphasis on the most critical ones. Some of the most important issues that Patch v2.1 addresses are bugs causing an infinite loading time after traveling to the museumcursor disappearance in the main menu and autosave issue that was behind disappearance of various dinosaur skeletons and expositions displayed at players’ museums.

Important note for all players who lost their dinosaurs or expositions

Fix should successfully prevent autosave issue from resurfacing, but bringing back lost objects requires an individual approach to every player who fell victim to it.

If you’ve lost your dinosaur skeletons or expositions as a result of the aforementioned bug, please contact our team at email address [email protected] so we can assist you in getting your precious dinos back.



  • fixed autosave issues, sometimes resetting players progress
  • fixed rare issue of infinity loading after traveling to museum
  • fixed missing cursor after launching game with gamepad connected
  • fixed issues with small crates position at new pickup
  • added missing road sections on Dinosaur Canyon and Grizzlies East tablet maps
  • fixed scrolling in the knowledge base
  • fixed Dromaeosaurus head texturing
  • fixed issue with controller icon overlapping other icons at main menu
  • fixed excavation lamp missing cable and plug
  • fixed missing emission at the excavation lamp
  • fixed possibility to lock a player in prologue
  • fixed issues with gamepad navigation
  • fixed blocked movement after fast menu quit
  • fixed some terrain issues at Grizzlies East map
  • fixed player rotation after reset
  • fixed resetting of some controls settings
  • fixed filtering (highlighting) crates at location minimap
  • fixed wrong floor material at the museum exposition area
  • fixed stones that can’t be removed at second quarry location
  • fixed problems with Styracosaurus bones scanning
  • fixed problems with Dromaeosaurus leg cleaning
  • fixed missing collider at museum stairs rail
  • removed possibility to overwrite autosave
  • added some missing translations
  • blocked possibility of setting the wrong description of the dinosaur
  • blocked possibility to block player while using drone
  • reworked controls panel
  • changed drone sounds
  • Dinosaur Canyon HUB – fixed issue with texture


  • added “Ultra” and “Very low” graphic settings
  • added possibility to filter (highlight) empty crates at location minimap
  • added scrolls highlight when they’re selected with gamepad navigation
  • added autosave at the museum with manually set time interval

We hope this update will address the most common problems which some of you experienced. We’re waiting for your feedback and meanwhile, we are focusing on finishing the Designer DLC which should be ready pretty soon. Remember to add it to your Wishlist if you haven’t already. 🙂

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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