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OM_Devlog #19: Device Assembly System

OM_Devlog #19: Device Assembly System

Dear Martians!

Some of the usable devices can be put together using the device assembly system. It allows you to combine multiple parts into a fully working machine. You can find the components around the map or 3D print a kit which can later be assembled into a functioning machine.

For example, at later stages of the game, you will be able to construct a JetPack, which is an ultimate endgame device. You will need to unlock most of the Technology Tree to be able to build it but it will be well worth the struggle. 🙂


Stay tuned for more updates and keep following us on social media! If you have any questions related to the game, feel free to ask on our discord channel[discord.gg]

Best Regards, 
Occupy Mars Team

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