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RMS_Devlog #18: Rank system

RMS_Devlog #18: Rank system

Dear Martians!

The system of executing orders and gaining experience in the game is closely connected with the system of gaining ranks. Some orders are not available until the player reaches the appropriate rank. You can earn higher ranks for the correct execution of orders and the general repair process of Mars rovers. The more broken elements you repair, instead of 3d printing them, the more experience you gain and the rank grows faster.  

The player starts the game as a beginner mechanic. At this stage, the tasks/quests are easy and won’t include complicated malfunctions. As the rank increases, more difficult orders appear and you will have to spend more time on making repairs. Basically, the rank determines how many orders a player has completed correctly and specified what difficult tasks the player can undertake at a current stage.

Rank list:

            1. Starman Basic

            2. Starman

            3. Starman First Class

            4. Senior Starman

            5. Staff Sergeant

            6. Technical Sergeant

            7. Master Sergeant

            8. Senior Master Sergeant

            9. Chief Master Sergeant

            10. Command Chief Master Sergeant

            11. Chief Master Sergeant Of The Space Force

            12. Second Lieutenant

            13. First Lieutenant

            14. Captain

            15. Major

            16. Lieutenant Colonel

            17. Colonel

            18. Brigadier General

            19. Major General

            20. Lieutenant General

            21. General

            22. General of the Space Force

Stay tuned for upcoming updates! If you have any questions or just want to know more about the game, feel free to join our Discord channel!

Best Regards,
Rover Mechanic Simulator Team

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