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RMS_Devlog #24: Rovers Summary

RMS_Devlog #24: Rovers Summary

Dear Martians!

Being a rover mechanic on Mars sounds awesome, and as it is exciting, it is also a very demanding job that requires you to deal with expensive and fragile scientific instruments on a daily basis. 

Rovers that you are going to maintain in RMS are intricate machines that consist of crazy amounts of parts. But how many is crazy you wonder? Take a look at a list that includes all of the parts you will be able to tinker with, in our game. 

Sojourner Rover

🔹 Screws and other: 223

🔹 Parts:91

🔹Sets: APXS – 1

Mars Exploration Rover

🔹Screws and other: 785

🔹 Parts: 395


  • RE25: 10 
  • RE20: 7
  • HingeS: 2
  • HingeM: 3
  • Mast: 1
  • MI: 1
  • APXS: 1
  • MB: 1
  • RAT: 1
  • hazCam: 2 

🔹 Screws on Sets:

  • APXS:  18 
  • Engine RE20: 6 
  • Engine RE25: 10
  • HazCam: 16
  • HingeMotor: 1
  • HingeSimple: 2
  • Mast: 34
  • MB: 14
  • MI: 5
  • RAT: 14
  • REM: 4

Each task you take requires you to analyze, detach and attach different parts of a rover. Most of it can be done directly on the rover you repair, but there are also sets that need to be dismantled separately on a special workbench.

To obtain replacement parts you will have to use the 3D printer, which will provide you with all the components you need to repair a Mars rover.

Best Regards,

Rover Mechanic Simulator Team

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