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OM_The Steam Game Festival Summary

OM_The Steam Game Festival Summary

Dear Martians!
It’s time to summarize The Steam Game Festival!
First of all, we would like to thank you for playing Occupy Mars Demo during the summer festival! We’ve gathered tons of valuable feedback and suggestions that we couldn’t have collected in any other way.

For us, the demo was a great success: over 50k people downloaded it in 10 days, and our wishlist numbers almost doubled! Moreover, our developers’ stream had almost 4k concurrent viewers! We didn’t expect so much interest in our game. It motivated us to work even harder on improvements.

To make sure we didn’t miss any important feedback, we’ve prepared a special survey for you. Click on the image below to fill the short feedback form:


To sum up – thank you! To all of you who played, who shared their feedback with us, who sent bug reports. Thanks to your help – we will make Occupy Mars great!

Don’t worry about the dust storm!
The Prologue is now in the final testing stage to be released this month. This free to play version will give you more playtime, more features and a way to verify if we are going in the right direction with implementing your suggestions.

Occupy Mars: Prologue

Remember to add the Prologue to your Wishlists. After the Prologue, we will only focus on the final polishing of the main game.

Exciting future
We have more good news coming up in the next weeks, as we are working on our Development Roadmap. Make sure to Follow our community so you won’t miss any update. Stay tuned!

Yours sincerely,
Occupy Mars Team

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