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OM_Prologue Progress

OM_Prologue Progress

Dear Martians!

The Prologue is in the final stages of testing before the release. Thanks to your amazing feedback and suggestions, we’ve added lots of improvements that require additional tests and fixes. Due to this, we have to postpone the release date of the prologue slightly. The prologue will be released in August.

Occupy Mars: Prologue

New features added since the Steam Festival Demo version:

  • new semi-automated grabber & simplified rocks loading mechanic for Heavy Rover
  • possibility to change key bindings
  • possibility to plug in oxygen to the Rover / buildings
  • enabled save system
  • possibility to produce water bottles from the well
  • enabled well expansion
  • implemented workbench for fixing PCBs
  • new missions after the storm
  • new night sky
  • new interface including HUD
  • new item icons
  • improved rocks physics
  • dust storm ends quicker
  • new printing animation
  • new animation of unloading rocks
  • prologue intro cinematic
  • new animated tutorials
  • player’s AI sounds in the spacesuit
  • hundreds of bugfixes and optimizations
  • and much more!

All those changes were implemented thanks to your feedback and they bring us much closer to the release of the full game in Early Access later this year.

Meanwhile take a look at our new prologue teaser:

Stay tuned!
Occupy Mars Team

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