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Rover Mechanic Simulator: Full Release is now available!

Rover Mechanic Simulator: Full Release is now available!

Dear Rover Mechanics!

The big day has finally arrived! Rover Mechanic Simulator is out of Early Access! From now on, you can play the full version of the game, fix Curiosity Rover and Mars Helicopter Ingenuity!

And that’s not all! Check the full changelog below:

⚙️The Full Changelog⚙️

List of improvements:
– Curiosity Jack has been added;
– Curiosity Rover has been added (26 new missions, 311 interactive parts/sets without screws);
– Mars Helicopter Ingenuity has been added (2 missions, 10 interactive parts without screws);
– Uninterruptible disassembly: click’n’hold RMB to unscrew all screws in a set;
– Interaction with Emergency Lever on the wall has been added;
– Possibility to fix the radio and put your own music;
– Part damage visualization has been added;
– Tablet Printer Skill has been added;
– Mini-games have been added: Snake, Speed Writer, Space Invaders, Pong, Meteor Rush;
– Cleaning sound while working on the workbench has been added;
– Uninterruptible soldering on WB: click’n’hold RMB to solder;
– Additional resources for playing mini-games;
– Controls tutorial for Workbench has been added (SHIFT+WSAD);
– The process of unscrewing the screws has been accelerated;
– Repeating tasks now gives greater rewards from 50% to 80%;
– Visual Improvements in overhead crane camera;
– The player’s statistics tab in the main menu;
– Visual Improvements in minigame GUI;
– Added many new achievements;
– Added more parts descriptions;
– Tutorial translations updated;
– Save system has been improved;
– Autosave added to the beginning and end of each order;
– Salvaging incomplete sets is possible;
– The scissors lift is placed permanently in the middle of the hangar;
– Support for ultrawide monitors with 21:9 aspect ratio has been added;
– Game Engine updated to newer version;
– Completed quests can be repeated;
– Added help command to gantry computer.

Bug Fixes:
– Problems with „Trained Eye” skill have been solved;
– Bug with blocking workbench has been fixed;
– Bugs with accepting quests have been fixed;
– Problems with saving radio station have been solved;
– Bug with calculating statistics after canceling printing has been fixed;
– Bug with missing material on APXS and Sojourner Camera has been fixed;
– Bug with not loading tutorial save in some circumstances has been fixed;
– Bug with freezing after quick switching between cleaning and repairing on workbench has been fixed;
– Problem with game freeze when you clean panels after completing mission H-8468 has been fixed;
– Bug with swapping parts on PCBs has been fixed;
– Problem with controls reset to default when leaving the game has been fixed;
– Fixed an issue where the „place lift here” text is not disappearing after cancelling the action;
– Bug with resistorE on IC_6 PCB has been fixed;
– Problem with picking up capsules from a 3D printer and then pausing makes the capsules spin around has been fixed;
– Problem with the camera while working on the workbench has been fixed;
– Problem with the airlock sound triggering without airlock moving has been fixed;
– Problem with adding skill points on high screen resolutions has been solved;
– Problem with the weather forecast board showing improper sol has been fixed;
– Problem with triggering the sound without placing a lift has been fixed;
– Problem with seeing the damage on uncleaned parts has been fixed;
– Tablet button animation jittering bug has been fixed;
– Problem with discrepancies in assembly/disassembly has been fixed;
– Bug with a non-refreshing list of tasks after restarting the mission has been fixed;
– Bugs with displaying tutorials in particular languages have been fixed;
– Bugs with incorrect display of the crane’s active parts have been fixed;
– Problems with video settings have been fixed;
– Typos have been corrected.

Supported Localizations:
– English;
– Polish;
– German;
– French;
– Russian;
– Simplified Chinese;
– Italian;
– Ukrainian;
– Hungarian;
– Turkish;
– Spanish;


We’ll be streaming live today: Nov 12th, at 6 PM CET! Make sure to join us on one of the channels below:

Big Thank You!

We are grateful for all the feedback we received from our community. Thanks to your help and support, we’ve managed to improve the game to the extent that it is ready for the final release. It is important to add that going out of early access doesn’t mean we’re finishing the development, quite the contrary!

The Release of 1.0.0 version allows us to start working on the console ports to bring the game to more people! Coming soon:

Community Group Challenge

What’s more, the Community Group Challenge is still on, and we’re still working on adding more content! Let’s unlock the next two goals!

Here’s how to join the Steam Community Group:
Easiest way:

The standard way:

  1. Enter Rover Mechanic Simulator store page and choose “Community Hub” over the logo and game description.
  2. Choose “Follow” on the RMS Community main window on top.

Join our Community!

If you have questions regarding the game, feel free to ask them on our Discord Server! We’re available to talk almost everyday!

Play the full version and have fun!
Rover Mechanic Simulator Team

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