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Farming Life: Patch v1.0.1 goes LIVE!

Farming Life: Patch v1.0.1 goes LIVE!

Hello, Farmers!

After weeks of hard work and reading your feedback we can present to you first patch for Farming Life! It includes some gameplay improvements and fixes that should get rid of many of those pesky bugs that have been bothering you for a while. Among them is the issue that caused corruption of save files.
Hopefully, now you’ll be able to play undisturbed and enjoy your Farming Life to the fullest!

You can find full changelog below!

  • wholesaler’s price visibility after buying it
  • possibility to run a wrong video in tutorial book
  • problems with „Sell and return” interaction
  • ghost on „Cow cheese factory”
  • cat and dog size
  • possibility to assign „Driving task” when an employee is tired
  • possibility to drive a car as a passenger
  • possibility to have cat and dog disabled after tutorial
  • harvester aborting task when the closest „Granary with driveway” is taken
  • possibility to block animal during „Feeding task”
  • vehicle freezing near „Dairy Shop”
  • issues with saving and loading game
  • issues with the tutorial
  • added highlighting selected mode in the circle menu
  • added a notification when the vehicle reaches the trade market on the „Park to trade” task
  • added pop-up when a quest is about to end(quest from friends and mayor competitions)
  • added hints about „Wholesaler” and „Granary with driveway” in the night panel summary
  • added road connections between roads, buildings and fields
  • added machine-vehicle hints
  • added more products at the start of the farm (raw meat, carrots and milk)
  • added tractor waiting for a machine(when the needed machine is in use)
  • balance changes
  • lowered the required level to build „Granary with parking” and „Wholesaler”
  • increased the level required to build a small harvester
  • farmers in the daily ranking are a little bit stronger
  • lowered stats drop of animals(hunger, tidiness and health)
  • increased ratio of animal’s breeding and lowered requirements for animals to be able to reproduce
  • lowered rain probability and duration
  • shorter removal time
  • removing buildings doesn’t cost money
  • „Active pause” is more visible
  • removed multiple interactions with animals and replaced them with one task
  • harvesters wait for crops

Stay well and happy farming!
Farming Life Team

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