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Occupy Mars: The Game – Playtests Status Update

Occupy Mars: The Game – Playtests Status Update

Hello, Martians!

As you know, it’s already past 20 March, which was our initial deadline for playtests registration.

We have sent invitations to first aspiring astronauts, who will start their adventure on Mars. ✉️

If you haven’t received an email, it means you weren’t chosen… yet. For now, we have invited a small group of players, but we want to invite more and more Martians over time. To make sure the process is clear, we’ll keep you updated via status updates like this one.

Important reminder for our playtesters: remember to fill out BETA SURVEY after finishing your playthrough and remember that you’re not yet allowed to share any footage from the first Beta version.

With that, Request Access has been disabled – we hope that with that extra time between initial deadline and this announcement, all of you who want to participate have managed to sign up. 🙂 We’ve received a lot of applications and we thank you for such a big interest in the game!

If you’d like to hang out with other players outside of Steam forums, we have dedicated servers on our Discord channel!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Best Regards,
Occupy Mars Team

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