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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Designer DLC now on Steam

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter: Designer DLC now on Steam

Designer DLC is now available!

Bring some life to your museum and show your creativity to the world! This DLC comes with many tools to make this dream a reality!

With Designer DLC, you can paint life-sized dinosaur models of all species available in the game. Grim black T-Rex? Earthly brown triceratops? Or maybe you want go all out and create the most attention catching dinosaur possible? Nothing is impossible!

Designer DLC contains:

  • 10 Dinosaur species to paint
  • 10 poses for each Dinosaur species to arrange your display
  • 2 gameplay modes:
  • Normal (which takes game progression into account)
  • Sandbox (which allows you to paint every Dino from start)
  • 50+ textures for skin, scales etc…
  • 30+ skin patterns and decals
  • 20+ blood decals
  • Full color palette
  • 130+ texture sets with skins
  • 20+ independent textures for free combination with skin textures
  • 30+ additional decals for museum decoration in 2 color variants

You can get Designer DLC HERE.

Best Regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Team

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