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Occupy Mars Devlog #45: Beta Status Update

Occupy Mars Devlog #45: Beta Status Update

Hello, Martians!

We have a bunch of good news for You. After releasing more than a thousand of keys almost two weeks ago and collecting feedback from hundreds of players we are moving to the next stage of beta tests.

New Beta Update released – version 0.83.3 is live.

We have fixed most urgent bugs and added several features players wanted to the beta version.
There are changes that made it to this version.

New features:

– Added possibility of resetting rover. The base keybind is “R”, you can change it in the controls settings.
– Added possibility to pin on UI resources needed for building, all you need to do is right-click on the building in the Building menu. And required resources should show on the right of the screen.
– Added possibility to unlock Sabatier Reactor using techtree.
– Added new screens after finishing tutorials, so the player is able to choose next tutorial without going back to the main menu.
– Added the possibility of drinking alcohol (since you can’t create it on your own in beta we left some for you in the rover while starting new game).

Bug Fixes:

– fixed some problems that were blocking the possibility of saving the game
– rover now should properly take damage
– fixed problem with unlocking new rover crane ending
– fixed problem with disappearing transformer upgrade sockets
– fixed problem (at least most of it) of rover losing power
– fixed problem with invisible pickable items in player hands.
– fixed problems with some building sounds playing regardless of distance to the player
– flashlight now won’t turn off while managing building fuses
– boxes in destroyed bases should now properly open
– fixed problems with loading bigger rocks
– fixed problem with bug reporting tool (but it needs also web configuration update so it may take several extra hours)
– fixed possible problem with crashes on some setups.

More beta invites

With new features and many bugs fixed – we’re releasing game to more beta testers. A few hundreds more keys has just been sent to randomly chosen players who had signed to beta tests before. We hope you you’ll enyoy the game and we’re waiting for your feedback.

Sharing your feedback

A separate Sub-Forum on Steam called Beta Discussions was created for those who have access: LINK.
After playing please also remember to fill our Beta Survey: LINK after playing the Beta.

If you’d like to hang out with other players outside of Steam forums, we have dedicated channels on our Discord server!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Best Regards,
Occupy Mars Team

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